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Our award wining cusine has wowed many so why not try it for yourself!

Our Reviews & Awards

Panas Gurkha Restaurant has some of the best award-winning dishes and we have been reviewed by a number of organizations and have come up top for our great flavour and freshness.

Sujan owner and founder of Panas Gurkha Restaurant was trained under Indian chef Atul Kochhar (the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star). He has always had a passion for cooking great food with the finest ingredients. His restaurant was announced winner of Asian Curry Awards 2019, a prestigious award.

The restaurant has been reviewed by Meridian Magazine and comments such as “These ostensibly ‘simple’ dishes are the test of a chef: top marks here for freshness, taste and presentation.”

The Telegraph’s Donald Strachan commented “For your best bet for tasty, authentic cooking are neighbourhood restaurants spread at all points of the city’s compass. Try the Panas Gurkha Restaurant in Lewisham”

After trying Sujan’s food, it’s easy to see how Panas Gurkha won over its customers. We are offered mouth-watering dumplings accompanied by spicy sauce which are packed full of flavour and perfect for sharing. For our main course, Sujan’s chefs cook up lamb in a pumpkin sauce and stir-fried chicken with spring onion and chilli.

Jessica Taylor - News Shopper